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Here at Bow Wag Grooming we are dedicated to giving you the best quality treatment by utilizing the latest grooming techniques and products. Our goal is to provide a health-minded approach to grooming so that you and your pet are safe, happy and relaxed.


Bath and Nails ( price varies by breed)
Included in service- Bathe and Dry ( we only used forced air dryers no heat), Brush, Ear cleaning, Nails trimmed. Ask about our Med Spa Treatments.

Full Grooming (Price varies by breed and type of grooming desired)
Included in service- Consultation with Pet Stylist, Bathe and Dry ( we only used forced air dryers no heat), Brush, Ear cleaning, Nails trimmed.

Nails ($12)

Add on Services

Teeth brushing ($7)

Furminator Shed-less Treatment ($15-$30 depends on size of Dog)

Soft Paws Nail Caps ( Front paws only $10 all four paws $20)

Med Spa Treatment
Inspired to nurture your furry family members' thin, delicate skin, our health-minded spa offers luxurious all-natural, Madra Mor Canine Mud Treatments. Nourishing clays, hydrating omega oils and soothing Aloe Vera are blended with various herbs to restore and strengthen a body's first line of defense, its skin.


Fortifying Mud
Healthy Blend Formula, ingredients that naturally detox and strengthen. An excellent treatment to maintain optimum health, with natural parasite and fungus fighters.

Mobility Mud
An energizing treatment that has just the right amount of peppermint and menthol to stimulate and promote circulation. An invigorating experience to awaken the mind and spirit. The cool sensation helps ease itchy skin too!! Excellent for older less active dogs.

Shed Safely Mud
A treatment to deep clean hair follicles, release the undercoat, remove loose fur and provide intensive moisture in an indulgent massage application.

Soothing Mud
A herbal treatment to calm and comfort sensitive, irritated, blemished skin, promote healing with and aroma to promote relaxation.


10-15 Lbs $10
16-20 Lbs $15
21-30 Lbs $25

Spot Treaments

Feet ( $10)
Head ($10)
Legs & Feet ($20)

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